Wednesday, November 12, 2008


dan is working late and i am bored.

so i am going to make lists.

things i should be doing instead of blogging:

-cleaning up all the crap in the living room
-reading something other than the internet
-sit ups

places i want to go in the next year:


food i wish i was eating right now:

-smore cupcakes
-chocolate pudding
-sweet potato gnocchi in sage butter
-peppermint ice cream

possible names for puppy:

-butterscotch marshmallow
-luci jr
-barack obama
-miss princess perfect
-buttermilk biscuit

words that rhyme with bored:


what i want for christmas:

-anything from anthropologie
-frey boots
-the little bracket to hold the dishwasher to the counter so it doesn't fall over every time i fill it.

what i would do to the house if i could:

-new awning and front porch
-add second bathroom
-refinish floors
-paint all bedrooms
-front fence and new landscaping

things that are free and incredible:

-samples of the almond roca bars at costco
-daydreaming about walking around paris
-walking outside

things that are expensive but totally worth it:

-truffle oil
-chocolates from bakery nouveau
-my face lotion
-fresh squeezed orange juice
-nice sheets

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