Monday, November 3, 2008

rockin body update

i am down 2 lbs. 13 more to go.

if i reach this goal i will weigh what i did in high school. that means it has been almost 12 years since i was this "glory" weight. i am not entirely sure this weight is possible...but i thought it was a good goal....meaning when i fail but get close...i will still feel pretty darn good and proud of myself. i am aware that this is slightly backwards thinking.

today i played wii fit for 35 minutes and shattered dan's score at the bubble game. i am really only competitive when it comes to silly games and arm wrestling. btw....i challenge anyone to arm wrestling.....and i will win.

then i went running...and i ran for 15 minutes and walked for 5. this is an improvement. i know it sounds wussy...but it is a huge accomplishment and it felt actually kinda good. i mean...i still hate it completely....but it wasn't as bad today.

in other news:

dan's brother, sam ,and his wife shelly, have 2 boxers: chopper and lucy. and lucy is pregnant. and dan wants a boxer. so...we might have a puppy in the nearish future.

i started looking at pictures of boxer puppies and got excited. we will see. this might be something that fizzles out....but for

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