Wednesday, November 12, 2008

way to avoid exercise: blog instead

true or false:

gaining weight is more enjoyable than losing weight.

-cakes. cookies. pasta with ham and cream sauce. wine at lunch. butter on bread. spoonfuls of frosting. late night movie snacks under a blanket. brunch. beer. lots of beer.
all of this is extremely enjoyable.


jeans feeling too tight to button. avoiding all mirrors. baggy t-shirts. not wanting to take off your coat...even though you are hot. wearing the same pajama pants everyday. feeling your arm jiggle after you wave to someone. looking down at rolls of belly. feeling ugly.

now.....lets not be so quick to decide here....

losing weight:

run in the rain and wind and cold. sore legs and joints. 10 more push ups. small portions. water. dressing on the side. no mayo. no, i would not like to see the dessert menu. i'll just have the salad. how many calories are in that? no eating after 8. take the stairs. no, i can't have the carbs.

i look better in tighter clothes. i don't cringe when i see myself naked. i don't mind getting dressed in the morning. feel accomplished after running a mile. i don't get that guilty "why did i eat all of that" feeling. more energy.

i think this is close......but i have to say the answer is "true". gaining weight is more enjoyable than losing weight.

i have to go run now. ug.

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sarah said...

What happened to the dana diet??? :)
ps running a 5k on saturday, care to join?