Wednesday, September 24, 2008

apples and rain

oh fall! oh autumn! it is raining!

riley had a half day today. we made cocoa and talked about our favorite seasons.

i am going to make homemade applesauce. and the smell of this will fill the house. and that makes me very very happy.

i am also going to make that sage pork loin i have been dreaming about. i just realized normal people must dream of a different kind of "loin".

my friend courtney is going to come visit and stay with us in two weeks which means i have some work to do on the guest room. mainly i have to remove the turtle. and the boxes of toys (the guest room became toy jail). so....anyone want a russian tortoise? please? he is very sweet and loves kale and cucumbers. and if no one takes him i am going to turn him into a soup. just kidding! but really....

i love courtney and can't wait for her visit. we can sit around, make tea and toast, and talk about life for hours and hours.

i am happy with the progress i am making on projects today. i have removed a few piles that have been growing in various corners. and i have gone through our clothes and have 2 full garbage bags for the good will.

in other news i rediscovered tzatziki and think it is one of the best combinations in history. i love the greeks. thank you greeks for what you do with lamb, olives, and yogurt.
here is how i make it: plain yogurt...oh about a cup. about 1/3 cup sour cream. loads of fresh dill. 1/3 cup grated cucumber (without skin and seeds). a fresh garlic clove. about a 1/2 tablespoon of white wine vinegar, a lil lemon juice and some salt and holymoly it is delicious.


sarah said...

I love tsatsiki too. I make it the same way. Over lamb. And fried sweet potatoes. Called you today?!

dreaming and breathing said...

i think i learned it from you. remember the first time i came over to your old house for dinner? riley was about 7 months old and you made lamb. and you had NO babies! and we talked about how you would never breast feed. hahahaha!!!!