Monday, September 22, 2008

no more thai food for me

notes from dream:

we bought a new house. but is was really sketchy. and the first day i was there....and all these black things appeared in rows in the yard.
they turned out to be corn stalks, covered in black garbage bags
and then the next day they were gone
but where they had been were rows of chairs
and tables. long tables in rows.
so i went across the street to ask a neighbor if he knew who put them there
and it was this creepy man working in his garage.
and he had taxidermy all over. and skins and fur pelts in his workshop
and he wouldn't speak to me...and clearly hated me.
and while i was standing there i noticed he was "working on" a chipmunk
he hammered it with a rubber mallet and then started skinning it
so i ran home.
and the next day, the tables and chairs were still there...and stacks of paper....binders, telephones and a cupcake at each chair.
i realized they were work stations of some kind
but no people were there
and the cupcakes were melting in the sun
and then i realized they were work stations for a collections agency. in our front yard. of our new house.

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vanessa said...

i had a dream i was being chased by alligators. seriously. alligators. i woke up drenched in sweat. dave laughed but i was not laughing.