Thursday, September 4, 2008

couscous for meme

getting my hair cut tomorrow! whoopwhoop! time to get rid of the muppet.

i am really into couscous right now. want a delicious side dish or lunch? do this:
buy plain couscous. boil a cup of water and some salt or chicken stock, plus a little butter (you can do this in the microwave). add 1 cup couscous. cover for five minutes, then fluff with fork and viola! here is what i do to increase the pleasure: add feta, orange juice (or lemon zest) and fresh mint. salt and pepper. NUM.

i cut it back to a half cup for lunch and can only eat about half of that. it is filling, low in calories, and has a good amount of protein. and takes 5 minutes.

i have so much time on my hands. it is AWESOME. i am working on the linen closet. making it all organized and cute....and making it smell good with linen spray. and i am going to paint finally. i changed my mind on our bedroom will now be a sand color....and our sheets are kind of a blue the ocean on a fall day. i am matching the room to a picture of my grandmother from when she was young and beautiful and sitting on a piece of drift wood on the beach in hawaii. the colors are muted and lovely. the tan color of the wood, cream color of the sand, the deep blue of the ocean and white surf. hopefully it will translate well to our bedroom.

speaking of hawaii....we are going back to kona in January and i am so happy! hopefully i will have a pregnant belly* by then. tan pregnant bellies in bikinis are up there with fox pups, dwarf bunny ears, chubby baby thighs, and nuzzling otters.

*dreeeeeeaaam dream dream dream.....whenever i want you all i have to dreeeeeeeeam......

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