Tuesday, September 16, 2008

this is supposed to be an apology. but i suck.

you were there once.
across a table
sharing bites.
in a city apartment
dancing like maniacs.
in a coffee shop bathroom sink
washing my hair.

you were there once.

and then it crumbled.
i watched it
turn to pollen
float like dandelion seeds
with tiny umbrellas
and a thousand wishes.

and you are still lovely
but very far away.

i was there once
by the lake eating blueberries.
on the futon.
pretending not to watch you sing.
because that is what you wanted.

i was there once

and then it scattered
like sand
from a beach towel
in the back of the car.

or pine needles
twirling down like
and lost in snow.

you are still so lovely
and i am very far away.

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