Monday, September 15, 2008

ready for soup, but i will miss the blackberries

i have started making oatmeal for breakfast. real oatmeal. organic thick cut oats. i stir in cinnamon and little honey. it is extremely satisfying. it is warm and cozy. it is supposed to be in the 80's today and this is nice and everything...making up for a crappy august...blah blah.....but, i really want to make soup. i am ready for baked squash. i am itchin for homemade applesauce and sage wrapped pork loin. i really want to make chili and cornbread. i guess it will have to wait...and i will try to appreciate these last days of sunshine.

i need a camera. i feel lost without one.

the blackberries are all fat and heavy.
there is really only a moment between
perfectly ripe
and rotten.

they fall to the pavement and explode
too full of juice. too loose.

i see them all as missed opportunities
a pie i could have baked.
squished on the sidewalk.

i go to the bus stop too soon
just to wait here
to graze on the ones still clinging to the vine.
and because here
it smells sweet like jam
like weeds growing wildly
sidewalk heat and
fruit too ripe
covered in dirt

dan and i were oddly social this weekend. i say "odd" because we are never social, and also because our social outlets were a little random. yesterday riley went to a birthday party for her new best friend, stella, and i was shocked to discover that all the parents were great! what a surprise and a fantastic change! we actually had a lot in common with them...and this never happens. and on saturday we hung out at my parents friends house (without my parents!) on the dreaded mercer island and it was great! very cool and interesting people. it was a lot of fun.
oh and last night we went to check in on my parents house because they are out of town, and ended up having some wine with their neighbors....also wonderful people.

who would have thought dan and i would be out talking to people....discussing politics, family, life, real grown ups!
(normally we lock ourselves in our home with only each other, a pile of dvd's, wine(for me), juice (for him) something baked with lots of butter and pajamas...we generally don't like this is a fun change)

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