Thursday, September 25, 2008

a few things that tick me off-september

ok. dogs go on leashes. and if you are one of those weird cat people that is convinced your cat is like a dog, fine...cats go on leashes. but, please people, do not put your children on leashes. please. if you are too lazy to run after your adventurous toddler, do not have children.

"this leash demeans us both"

sarah palin is slap-in-the-face insulting to me on a few levels. i think she is a joke, first of all...i mean...she just got a passport LAST YEAR. cmon. that is funny. she could be president and she just got a passport...that has me rolling. and...well, i have already complained about the whole charging rape victums for rape kits...and the anti-abortion even if raped thing. ah family values. raped by a relative? sorry honey...not only do have to pay for the rape kit, but you have to carry that baby in your womb. and she doesn't believe in global warming...which is also very funny. i also like that she shoots animals from helicopters. i mean...why wouldn't you?

and please click here for something hilarious.

i really miss having a camera. and i am a brat about it. and i really would like this one.

let me just say that yes, i think the iphone is pretty amazing. but what is not so amazing is looking at the top of my husbands head all the time because all he does is play with is iphone. i get it. it is neat. now put it down and step away. ps how cute and cuddly is this knit iphone?

it bothers me that my child is FIVE and so concerned about clothes. she has the rest of her life to worry about how she looks. this is the most free she will feel for a long time. and she worries about looking "cute". today she wanted to wear her fancy black dress shoes with the ankle strap. and this was a big deal to her. the answer was no. maybe it is all my fault. maybe it started here:

it pisses me off that i can't sing. at all. it actually hurts my own ears. but i feel like my heart has a song. <--that was a joke. but really, it would be nice if when i opened up my mouth and attempted to sing along with fiona apple, it didn't sound...well.....awful is the only word.

i am pissed that i went to jiffy lube and paid to have a new headlight put in...and that not only does my new headlight NOT work, but now some fuse is blown and all my dash lights are out. thanks, jiffy lube. you suck. and don't try to up sell sir....i know i don't need a new fan belt, fuel filter, engine rinse, wiper blades.....what i do need is for you to not suck and to fix what you broke.

i don't have a picture for this. but if i would me doing a thumbs down and sticking out my tongue next to darkness...because that is what it is like in my car now.

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