Thursday, September 25, 2008

i could really go for some right now

one word: pudding.

chocolate pudding is one of those things that takes me back to childhood. real pudding*. made in a heavy sauce pan. with milk and slowly stirred with a wooden spoon. then poured into bowls to let cool. this is when i would examine each one and determine which had the most and i would mark it as mine so my brother wouldn't try to steal it. like my chubbytubby self needed the largest helping. my mom would be in the middle of making dinner. some kind of pasta. the local news would be on. i would pretend to work on homework. i remember so vividly sitting in my room, listening to wilson phillips tapes and wondering if i would ever have a boyfriend. i hoped he would be as cute as joey from nkotb. and we would kiss. and oh man. that would be crazy.

anyway, i made pudding the other night and it was delicious. and i let riley have the biggest portion.

i really like pudding. and i want more. like my chubby self needs more. some things don't really change. but i did find a boy. and he is WAY cuter than joey and has better dance moves.

(ps i did a choreographed dance routine to the new kids on the block hit "step by step" for the talent recital in 5th front of my entire grade school. with a side ponytail. totally round and overweight. i think i even wore a nkotb t-shirt for the performance)

*real as in not the "instant" pudding in the "heat and serve"

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