Wednesday, June 11, 2008

10 things that make me angry

This was more difficult than i expected. There are so many! kidding....sort of. I think the things that make me angry i try to instantly forget.....not dwell on.....move away from.....clear my head of......that sort of thing.

so here they are:

firstly, i hate bank of america. my hatred of this bank started years ago when i was standing in the bank asking for a print out of my statement, and was told to call customer service on there courtesy which i replied "you want me to call the bank...while i am standing in the bank"? and then i was told it would take 3 days for them to fax me my statement. i won't even go into all the other reasons why i hate this bank.

i am angry that i can't eat bacon every day. because i would...oh man, i would.

seriously? i do not need my car. i do not need to leave my house....ever. i like walking. because i hate feeling like i am being raped* every time i go to the gas station.

* not in the good way.

do i need to explain? you make me ANGRY, dubbya. you are evil. EVIL.

it makes me a little angry that i don't own this dress.

my mac photobooth stopped working for no reason. it is annoying. p.s. it is NOT being used by another application.

i am a little pissed about the lack of good mexican food in seattle. i have been craving a good enchilada for about a month. this is the only picture i could find. and i am painfully hungry right now.

it makes me angry that heath ledger is dead.

keep your stinkin hands off my milk!
and it is not a "trend" you fucking morons.
here is a simple tip if you want to drink raw milk: know where your milk is coming from. i buy mine from sea breeze farm and it is amazing.

this was the weather yesterday...JUNE 10th. i am cold.

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