Tuesday, June 3, 2008


it is june. i know it is hard to understand this because of the rain, dark clouds and chilly air, but it is june. to celebrate, i quit my job. and i slept in till 9, made pancakes, and painted flowers with riley.

i smell like a combination of fried chicken, onions, and maple syrup.

i can't remove the sweatshirt i have been wearing since sunday. my body has accepted it like skin. like the fat lady and the toilet seat....but not as tragic and disgusting.

speaking of tragic, i just applied to be someones "personal assistant" and now i want to take it back. i was like "oh....that sounds neat....running errands for someone...like in movies".....but i bet it is an old slimy dude who wants someone to massage his bunions and go to costco for rogaine and condoms.

tomorrow is the lowest tide of the year. we are going to go to the beach and poke at stuff. yay! on my list of things i like to do, "poking stuff" is right after "looking at stuff" which is after "sitting".

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