Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i believe

i believe in a lot of things. i don't like putting labels on beliefs...because it always sounds trite.
like when people say "i believe in a higher power" i always think booooring. "i believe jesus died for our sins"...yeah not so much, but ok. "i believe in the magic and beauty of the world".....warmer....."i believe in something bigger than me that i can't, and don't need to explain...but i believe in more....more than me and us and here and now"....hmm....see...this is why i try to incorporate "doesn't need to be explained" when i start thinking about all this.

but i do. i believe in a god. i believe in the magic of the universe. i believe that there is meaning in our lives that comes from somewhere else....that spirits exist and guide us. i believe in the power of compassion and love. i believe that jesus was a real person that did amazing things and that we should see that as an example of how we could be, or should be. i also believe that he was human.

and most of all, i believe in this:

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Bake Sale said...

Oh man. I just laughed raw milk out of my nose.