Thursday, June 19, 2008


the kettle burns hot
sugar dissolves fast
steady footing
standing on plexiglass

when it snaps
all i hear are words
small and quiet
and i'm covered with burns.

i baked this just for you
peaches are your favorite
you didn't even try a bite
so fuck you,
i quit.

notes from dream (nightmare) last night:

nazi's had invaded our neighborhood.
it was night and we had candles burning.
there was a guard at each house and we were forbidden to leave.
the next day we were taken from our home.
we left with nothing but the clothes on us.
they separated us.
i was taken to a building with only women.
it was so crowded.
i shared a tiny bed with four other people.
all i did was cry for my daughter.
i was told she was taken to a nazi school
and that i would never see her again.
i actually felt my heart break and it felt like someone stomping on my ribcage.

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