Saturday, June 21, 2008


Last night, after margaritas in the sun, a walk along alki and a glass of wine at my parents house...Bonnie and i decided that we should go to a movie....we decided on Sex and the City....because we both don't know anyone in their right minds who would go to it....except for each other.....because we are two girls not in the right mind. i just confused myself.

It was a long movie and when it was finally over i felt like an emotional wreck. Needless to say, IT WAS GREAT*

i actually had tears dripping off my chin at one point. no joke. i know, i know, it sounds like i need hours and hours of therapy....but this movie really hit a nerve. if you have ever gone through a major heartbreak, this movie will hurt you. but then something funny happens and it is all ok.....ah....the comic relief of movies. if only we had that in real life.

this movie also strongly encourages dealing with life by drinking....and i am a believer in this approach.

*if you like crap...which i do.

i love the idea of celebrating the solstice...because i have always been a pagan hippie at heart. but instead of dancing naked under the stars, we braved the crowds of the fremont solstice festival this morning and it was NOT WORTH IT.

After sitting in traffic for a hour...i parked about 2 miles away...stood in a crowd for a couple hours and watched the parade that was BORING....and then tried to fight a swarm of people to get a frankfurter.

i didn't take a single picture of the happening's (naked bicyclists, guys on stilts, belly dancers, ballsacks) because....i was bored out of my mind.

i did take a picture of us:

and then pictures of riley enjoying a chocolate milk on our pit stop during the 2 mile (up hill) walk back to the car:

can you see them? she has the CUTEST ittybitty freckles on her nose and cheeks.


Bake Sale said...

The movie is so weirdly emotional, isn't it? Saw it at the Big Picture, which was great because they delivered 2 bottles of wine right to my chair.

dreaming and breathing said...

seriously. i felt like i could have sobbed at a couple points...and i had to use all my strength to NOT BREAK DOWN in the middle of a movie theater. alcohol would have helped. :)