Thursday, June 12, 2008

all crumpled up

riley is learning about aging....


me: want to have lunch with nana and cousin linda?

riley: who is cousin linda?

me: she is nana's cousin. and is a couple years older than nana.

riley: she is OLDER than nana? (totally shocked that this is even possible)

me: yes

riley: is she all crumpled up like nana? (squeezes the skin on her face with her hand)

me: yes

riley: oh i know her!

here is the conversation from yesterday in the car:

riley: ryan is such a cute lil brother

me: ryan is my older brother

riley: (laughs hysterically) he is older than you? you look the same age!!!

me: he is FIVE years older than me! and no we don't!!!!

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