Monday, June 23, 2008



or Cowgirl?

i went to cowgirls inc™ on saturday night. it was....there really are no words for how incredible it was.

during the "pour some sugar on me" choreographed number, all the girls poured an entire pitcher of water on themselves. so then....THEN they were soaking wet. in barely any clothes. grinding on the bar. it was amazing.

I am still amazed at how un-sexy skinny girls are. really. if nothing is moving or jiggling when you are wet and dancing on a bar, you need to eat a fucking double cheeseburger and gravy fries.

Luckily there were only a couple of those. The rest had IT going ON.

for some reason, all of them used the middle finger gesture liberally. which confused me. why are they all so pissed off? i mean, if the tattooed "bad" cowgirl was the only one that did it, i would understand. but even the cute "catholic school" cowgirl did it. are they implying that all of them, no matter what outfit they are wearing, are angry? i don't want an angry cowgirl. i want a happy cowgirl. giving a thumbs up. because i did not go to cowgirls inc to get flipped the bird every 3 seconds.

no, i did not ride the bull. and yes, i did dance on a table.

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