Thursday, June 5, 2008

10 things that make me happy

the last page of one of my favorite magazines, domino...moment of silence for it's the last page of domino is always some persons "10 things that make me happy" and they feature a designer, stylist, actress...normally someone awesome and beautiful with loads and loads of money.
I decided i am going to do this every month. and i am ALSO going to do "10 things that make me angry" keep it real.

So here are the things that make me happy right now:

this panda puff ball. please be mine.

the le crueset dutch oven in teal. sigh.

la mer lotion. worth every penny.

french press coffee. the only way to wake up in the summer.

my back yard. it is the place to be in Summer 2008 according to...this blog.

orange linen lounge pants. i wear them everyday.

lip gloss. fruity sweet nummyness.

target pillows. bright. fun. happy. and around 20 bucks.

poppies. i love how they instantly make my table look like summer.

mr. obama. so so so dreamy.

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