Saturday, February 21, 2009

an actual movie recommendation

we watch a lot of movies. i may have mentioned this before. every single night we watch at least one. sometimes two. if we ever actually leave the house and... say...go on a date....we go to a movie theater.

i am mostly indifferent to these movies. i spend a lot of time daydreaming and napping. exceptions are there of course....i love woody allen movies. i hated the wrestler and actually considered walking out...i started imagining myself playing video games in the lobby....and decided to just stare at the wall or dan's shoulder for the last hour.


last night we watched a great one. it is sweet and funny and even shows naked girls. i loved a lot of things about this movie. cute british boys with bad teeth, naked swedish girl, dreamy story about insomniac artist and creative filmmaking. i think it might be the perfect date movie holding both parties interest for different reasons.

it is called cashback. rent it now.

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