Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i should eat before i run.

i ran a solid 2 miles today. my goal was to not walk at the one mile mark like i did last time. i accomplished my goal. however, the last half mile was...well.....let's just say i made a deal with god during the last 0.5 mile. what? you did what? with who? yes...good questions...and here is why i am fearing for my sanity:
1. i don't know if i really believe in "god" and if i did i wouldn't make a deal with this "god".
2. what kind of deal would i make for something so silly...i mean....half a mile? after only 1 1/2 miles? and you need to make a deal?
3. it totally worked and gave me the strength to finish my run strong and powerful and...i did not walk.....because of the deal we and god.
4. when i mentioned this to my mom...she asked what the deal was and i actually responded with: "that is between me and god"

um. WTF? i think running is messing with my head. or i need to not run after only drinking coffee.

p.s. the reason i am not mentioning god's end of the deal is because i feel like it might be like when you see a shooting star and make a wish and it will only come true if you say nothing to no one.

i have lost my marbles.

but....really....god.....if you are reading this blog.....we made a deal....


trudi said...

you need to eat before you are
becoming really weird. m

sarah said...

You are hilarious. I ran today too, 2.15 miles ha! I'm in 7 miles since Saturday. Watch out Snoqualmie St Patty's day, here I come.

dave said...

she needs to eat after she runs, not before. if she eats before then she may feel even worse and try to make a deal with the devil!