Friday, February 13, 2009

that whooshing sound of money going away

i can hear some critter in the wall. it is scraping and chewing.

this sound is not relaxing. this sound means money going to pest control. $400-$600 depending on how many and which kind of critter.

nothing makes me want to kill like the sound of scratching in my walls.

other stupid potential money loss related news:

i flushed the toilet and knocked my makeup bag off the counter at the same time. the only casualty was an eyeshadow brush that was swallowed up before i could reach my hand into dirty toilet water and grab it....had i not been half asleep and half drunk i would have been quicker....but then again i probably wouldn't have knocked my makeup bag over. i am convinced this eyeshadow brush is stuck in a pipe just waiting for a moment when we can't afford to remove it. as of now...everything is flowing normally. p.s i know for a fact this will cost a minimum of $600 because we don't have a main sewer the toilet will need to be removed.

i was hit by a crazy woman in front of riley's school. i take 10 % of the blame here. however, crazy woman wants me to pay to have her minivan fixed and claims i am 100% to blame. the damages to her van are $2100. my insurance concluded it was not my fault. she now wants to sue me. i was dropping riley off in front of her school. i was not moving. i wave goodbye....slightly removing my foot from the brake causing the car to roll ever so slightly forward....waving and blowing kisses. i was was struck by a minivan that turned into me to essentially park in front of me in a bus zone. she claims i was turning out into traffic....which is not true.

so worse case scenerio.....2100 +600+ 600 = 3300
this does not include potential lawyer fees.

this makes me think about the coffee card i watched a woman drop in front of thriftway last week. it was a prepaid cafe ladro card.....and i had a moment where i considered keeping it....finders keepers.....but no. i searched the store until i found her and gave her the coffee card. she didn't thank me. i thought.....karma.....i will get it back.....

but no. i should of kept the fucking card. i could be drinking a free latte right now.

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