Wednesday, February 4, 2009

walls of photos

i think i need wall help.

i have the following 3 walls covered in photos/ frames:

i love polaroids and want to fill this wall eventually....or if not least fill it out more. or should i not fill it?

this wall is boring. i am sick of it. it needs help. the idea is cute...but the execution is off.

and here we have complete unbalance. not sure what to do....

anyone? anyone? please help?


hello. said...

take everything down. then group them together so it makes sense (by subject, color, frame size, etc). then start mixing and matching. do this on the floor. once you get a group together that you like, pick a wall. you can take a picture of your groups as they are on the floor before you hang it up if you want to save your walls from looking like swiss cheese.

Erin said...

It happens to be one of my goals in life to create a cool gallery wall. I don't even have enough pictures yet, but when I do I will start by referring to the blog post below. I think your walls look cool already, but if you're looking for a change, maybe it will help you:

I really like your idea of filling up your wall with polaroid pictures. The people who come over to your house must love to look at them! It reminded me of this wall:

(See the picture with the the black and white photos on the wall in the kitchen -- it was also Stephanie Nielson's plan to eventually fill the whole wall.)

Finally (and I'm no expert here), I think the walls of pictures that aren't perfectly lined up or balanced are more interesting.

Hope this helps!

dreaming and breathing said...

thanks guys! you rock!!! i am taking everything down and starting over. i am keeping the polaroid wall because it is fun and the more i put up the more i seem to like it.

that deconstructing the art wall post is amazing! who would have thought! steps and slopes and x and y axis with a center point all make so much sense!!!

here i was just randomly hammering into my wall like a fool.

this is the inspiration i needed.