Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the good and bad of this week (so far)

good news: we now have one car. it is new(er). it is shiny and clean*and smells good. it has low miles on it. it is another subaru. it has a sunroof. you have no idea how much i have always wanted a car with a sunroof.

*i have been known to have messy cars. this is one of those things i am convinced i will grow out of someday. along with drinking out of the carton, putting the wet clothes from the washer into the dryer in a timely manner (frequent question from husband : does this shirt smell funny?), and paying parking tickets on time....or better yet, not getting parking tickets simply because i like the gamble.

bad news: our house has turned into a pee house. riley has wet the bed twice in the last 2 weeks. she has not worn diapers/pullups since she was 2. seriously. she was very advanced (and i am not just saying that). so....i blame her free for all on water lately. and then the puppy of course has been known to pee and poop wherever, including on candy land, under beds, on the dvd music and lyrics (which deserved a turd...at least she has good taste)....and everywhere else in the house.

i have been cleaning up a lot of human and animal waste. the dog got into racoon poop and brought some in the house. and then she found the cat box at my parents house and i literally had to grab a turd out from inside her mouth.

i wash my hands in extrememly hot water these days.

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