Wednesday, February 18, 2009

countdown: 6 days!


at first, i wasn't sure about red mango, the frozen yogurt chain that seems to be everywhere. but now i am a believer! it is oh so sour and probiotic filled. add some fresh fruit or berries for a healthy snack....or mini dark chocolate chips and golden grahams for a tasty dessert. guess which one i get.

i had one in the car with the sunroof open. heavenly, people.

other stuff:

potential new couch. we must decide before we leave for hawaii if we will in fact be purchasing this couch. dan is so tired of hearing about this subject...i think i have finally worn him down.
it is not so bright in real is more sea foam.

we could also special order it in a different chocolate. which i think would be pretty.

anniversary cake was perfect, and so was our sushi dinner.

6 days until we are beachin it.

i had a dream last night that big clumps of earwax were coming out of my ears. it was gross.

so of course i looked it up:

hmmm.....i do have a blockage of a process.....and i have been know to be stubborn.

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