Sunday, February 22, 2009

all it takes is a little sunshine..

seattle is the most miserable place on earth for about 2 months. from the end of december to...well, nowish. january in seattle is like someone pulled a blanket over your head, shoved you in a mud puddle, stomped on your back, slept with your spouse, fired you from your job, stubbed every toe, and killed your kitten.

january in seattle makes everyone want to end it all. at least for a moment.

and then.....the sun comes out. this is not a metaphor. the sun actually shines and we all let out a collective "ahhhhhhhhh".....and remember why it is we live here.

this may be premature....but the last couple days have been lovely. in the 50's. (so balmy!) and the birds are chirping happily, even tulips are poking up.

since i am in this pre-springtime bliss, here are some other things i love right now:

Slim Chance beer by Red Hook Brewery. i am not one for "light" beers. but since i am going to be in a bikini in a couple days, i bought this and it is delicious. totally refreshing and drinkable and dare i say "GOOD". it has 125 calories and 8 carbs per go ahead...enjoy a six pack....on your way to a six pack......get it? oh boy. can you tell i have had a couple of these?

on the same subject (man, i drink a lot these days)....Palamino restuarant has a great happy hour. cranberry mojito or pomegranate margarita for 4 bucks? YES PLEASE. delicious brick oven pizza for 5 bucks? oh yes. go with a friend or date....get 2 drinks each and split a pizza. 21 bucks later you will be so happy. i promise.

ok. on an impulse, i bought a swimsuit at old navy. it is super hot and a fun retro style...and $29. and it holds in all the bits and hides all the jiggle spots. i looked for a photo of it online and couldn't find it. so i will take a pic of me in it in hawaii and post later.

bunny ears. oh yes, bunny ears.

we were at toys r us and i found these adorable plush peeps. i just love them. riley bought me the yellow one. i know that last sentence is confusing because it should be the other way around. but it is true. my kid bought me a stuffed peep.

calamity janes is my new favorite brunch place. i want to go here every day. first of all, they have the BEST bloody mary's. seriously. i have not had a better one in seattle....
second, you are given the option between potatoes or grits.....i choose grits! and they are SO GOOD! the eggs florentine with spinach and tomato was rockin and only 10 bucks (most brunch places charge way too much for my fave brunch item and it kills me). AND....last but not least.....Dan had a burger with jalapenos and bbq sauce and he said it was the best burger he has ever had. he inhaled it. it was gone in seconds. i managed to have one bite. i will be going back and ordering it for dinner soon.

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