Tuesday, October 21, 2008

what soup will she make next?

welcome to my kitchen! please excuse the dirty, balled up dish towels on my oven. also, please excuse the stupid face i am making. but hey, check out my sweet apron.

ok. so here are some pics of the baked goodies for megan's baby shower (these are at susie's beautiful home)

also...because i am obsessed with soup...i made tortilla soup last night. i once worked at a place in missoula called the catalyst. they had a delicious and very simple tortilla soup that was the inspiration for this. it is super easy to make and delicious.

buy a rotisserie chicken. it is the same price as buying a chicken...but it has been cooked. genius. cut some meat into cubes or shred. slice some avocado. shred some cheese.

saute half an onion and a clove of garlic (p.s...everything i make is usually enough for 4-6 servings..if you want or need more...double accordingly)

once onions are transparent, add chicken stock (about a box and a half), a can of diced tomatoes (i used the diced tomatoes and green chili's....added a little heat), and a can of drained corn. you can also add black beans.....

so that was really it. after it was hot, i added the juice of half a lime....and i seasoned with salt and pepper and garlic salt. but the best part comes when you add the cubed chicken, some avocado, monetary jack cheese, fresh cilantro, and homemade tortilla strips (cut corn tortilla in strips, and fry in some oil until golden...salt...yum)


p.s. how cute are my salt and pepper shakers? i mean.....cmon.

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sarah said...

did you save me one of those cupcakes? I am getting really inspired to start cooking again for the first time b.k. (before kids)

maybe by Christmas...