Friday, October 10, 2008


good news:

i got dan's camera back!!!
expect more pics soon.

courtney arrives in an hour!!
expect stories.

the turtle has left the house!!
expect a nicer guest room experience.

i am getting my makeup done tomorrow for bonnie's birthday party (she is making me do it)!!!
expect pics of slutty makeup...and of bonnie's party on a boat.

notes from last night's dream:

dan and i were in belize. on a cruise.
the cruise ship looked more like a drug runner ship.
our room was concrete.
there was a long strip of white beach.
we drove a dune buggy along it.
the dune buggy looked like a mini pickup truck.
half of the city was flooded.
we walked through the streets with water up to our chests.
the ground felt slippery and mushy on my toes.

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