Saturday, October 4, 2008

i can't wait until it is all over

i don't have much of an opinion about the VP debate. except that i think palin is a freaking whack job. and i am a little bummed that i didn't win palin bingo....i thought for sure i would win with a board that had "gee", "hockey mom", "God", and "terrorists". but my dad won. i would have won if my board had "you betcha" or "darn".

other than that....i say "meh". meh meh meh.

oh. and the fact that the republican party openly admits that they are now going to attempt to damage obama's character...with these attacks that are laughable and total just awesome.
they must be shaken in their boots.

so. it is windy today. i drove to trader joes but it was closed because their power was out. i think it is a perfect day to order pizza. and make cookies.


Erin said...

Palin Bingo!?!? How did we not know about this before the debate? Watching would have been so much more fun! I hope you make cookies today. We made chocolate chip, and they were delightful!

dreaming and breathing said...

it did make the debate more entertaining. i did have "maverick" on my looked promising at first...

and we made chocolate chip cookies too! and i ate 8 of them. i wish i was exaggerating.