Monday, October 27, 2008

Scary Movie Month™ List.

scary movies. in the order we watched them. and my opinions.

funny games: crap. awful. watched most on fast forward. anyone who likes this movie is a psychopath.

alien 4: awesome. the alien/ human baby was both rad and disturbing. i felt nauseous at the end. but in a good way.

cabin fever: fun and gross. bloody yet enjoyable.

American werewolf in London: not really scary. but funny. and it made me want to visit london again. sit in a pub. drink whiskey and guiness. get attacked by a werewolf.

dead alive: awful. awful. awful. i couldn't watch it. i lasted about 15 min.

from hell: i really like johnny depp. and i really hate what's her name. she was so wrong for this movie. also, we decided that john mccain looks like jack the ripper.

friday the 13th 4: pretty funny. gotta love a movie with zero plot, boobs, and someone getting killed every 3 minutes.

28 days later: my favorite. i heart cillian. dreamy.

nightmare on elm street: johnny depp is in this. that is all i have to say.

battle royal: disturbing. and pretty great. completely entertaining and interesting....but really fucked up.

harry potter: i know this shouldn't be on the list...but riley watched it and it was scary for her. i heart harry potter. sigh.

carrie: so good. and sad. they're all going to laugh at you! those assholes got what they deserved.

vampire hunter d: also not very scary...but really amazing.

30 days of night: oh hell yes. dan was upset because of the lame adaptation from the comic book. i, however, never read the comic book and found this totally entertaining.

john carpenter's the thing: kurt russle is boss. i really like the dog before it turns into an alien.

friday the 13th 3: i jumped a lot in this. at one point both arms went up (like that reflex infants do)

prom night: this was boring. and jamie lee curtis looks like a 40 year old woman..not a 17 year old high school student.

the shining: i hate jack nicholson. this movie irritates me. sometimes i turn off a movie 15 minutes before the end and demand dan tell me everything that happens, but i won't watch it.....sometimes i do this with movies i have already the shining.

little shop of horrors: again...not "scary"...but riley watched it with us and it was scary enough. i remember hating this movie as a kid and it freaking the crap out of me. now it just gets the song "suddenly seymore" in my head for days....which is a different kind of terrifying.

the innocents: creepy children really freak me out. i liked this movie. i think it bored dan because he fell asleep.

ginger snap: a fun teenage girl/werewolf story. slightly boring, and slightly funny.

bug: this movie bugged me. harhar. no made me itch a little. and it was they seem normal for 3/4 of the movie and then all the sudden they are schizo and digging imaginary bugs out of each other. the decent to madness is quick, i suppose.

wait until dark: being blind never looked so gorgeous. leave it to Audrey Hepburn. this does have a very scary "jump worthy" scene. i knew it was coming and still jumped into dan's lap and threw the blanket over my head.

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