Thursday, October 9, 2008

29 or 89?

i found a knitting group in west seattle that meets every thursday night at 7. i might go. but what if i am the only beginner? what if my knitting needles aren't cool? why do i feel so nervous about this?

i also want to learn how to quilt. i need a sewing machine.

i am turning into an old lady.

other examples of how i am turning into an old lady:

i like oatmeal.

i read under a "throw" blanket on top of the covers.

i make perfect pie crust.

i like pudding.

sometimes i wake up and my back is stiff.

my knees and ankles and hips and fingers pop a lot....and lately my sternum has been popping.

i put fruit, yogurt, flax meal and juice in a blender. some call this a smoothie.

flax meal.

i use really thick lotion on my face before bed...also called "night cream".

i prefer to take baths.

i enjoy homemade applesauce.

i like how cheap pork is.

i overcook pork.

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