Friday, October 17, 2008

pumpkin everything

i am throwing a baby shower this weekend for my friend megan. she is having a boy and is due dec 24th. it is a "tea and dessert" shower and i am making a lot of baked goodies...and i am super excited about it. more on this later.

boating: went out on lake union for bonnie's birthday. we drank a lot of champagne and talked about periods, pickles, babies, boobs and sex. it was great.

wine: "purple" downtown. i dislike this place. everything here is heavy and made of iron. and the wine list is as overpriced as you would expect with a name like "purple".

courtney: i loved having her here and came close to throwing a fit when it was time for her to leave. we went to the pike place market and picked out oysters. we made chili. we chatted. we mud masked. we shopped. we drank wine.

my hair: i said blond. not beige. i feel beige. dan says i always complain after i get my hair colored. is this true? it might be. but....i have beige hair. beige. khaki. ugly. boring. bland. beige. dan says it looks pretty and natural. i should get over what ever my deal is. i just feel like i lack edge with pretty and natural. so the question is...why do i need edge? i am getting too old for edge. right? then why do i feel so much older without edge? (hint: my hair color right now is EXACTLY the same as my mom's. and we have close to the same hair cut. this thought makes me want to scream).

pumpkin: i made pumpkin cookies last night. delicious. i am drinking a pumpkin beer right now. it is outstanding. like a mix between beer and chai. and i might make pumpkin soup this weekend. i heart pumpkin. other pumpkin things i enjoy: muffins, scones, lattes, ravioli, bagels (if you have not had the pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese from noah's.....go there now).

dinner: tonight i am making prosciutto, sage and provolone stuffed chicken breast. we will also be having homemade applesauce, sauteed spinach, and sweet potato fries. i love eating in the fall. love it.

ok. the list of what i am baking this weekend:

chocolate cupcakes with ______frosting (still undecided. i might do the white chocolate buttercream i always do....or i might do a mexican chocolate....or i might do orange liquor....or i could just do a dark chocolate buttercream....perhaps something with almond? ug.)

lemon cake with lavender syrup and lemon glaze

blueberry cinnamon scones with maple icing

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

double chocolate chip cookies (with white chocolate chunks)

mini chocolate chip cookies

and that is all for now....i might do more.

i feel like i should do more. i could also do pumpkin scones with a cinnamon icing. but i feel like i might be obsessing over pumpkin right now.

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Anonymous said...

OMG. I want your life. How martha stewart are YOU?!!?