Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i heart tegan and sara


i am totally obsessed and in love with tegan and sara. i watched videos of them on youtube for 3 hours last night while dan was at work. i really can't get enough of them. yes they have mullets. yes they are twins. they are fantastic and you should love them.

i made butternut squash ravioli last night. heavenly. perfect. i made a sauce with sweet onions, apple, white wine, butter, sage...with a hint of nutmeg.
when i was done...i felt like eating it all over again. it was perfection.

i think mccain looks like a troll. seriously. think about it. i was telling dan this morning that if obama wins i am going to cry and cry. sob big fat tears of happiness. and if mccain wins i am going to break windows.

i am really really really happy. have i mentioned this is my favorite season? give me a blanket, a book, a cup of tea, and a rain storm outside and i am in a happy place.

here is another lil collection of words....sometimes called a "poem" (cringe). just ignore me please. i have issues with that word. poem. blek.

(and this photo doesn't really apply to anything....except i want another tattoo. and i want a i was looking at word tattoo's....and found this. and i love it. and they are sisters....and so are tegan and i guess it kind of ties in)

"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt"

and to love on nights like these
is to inhale
when the fog settles
like a cat

and the weight of water
moving our house
vanishing into trees

it is these nights
when all you can be is closer
and never close enough

the weight of love
like entering sleep
quiet as fog
with a tiny breath


Tom said...

I fully support the use of both a Kurt Vonnegut reference and a Carl Sandburg reference in various parts of this post. This is a Tom Recommended Post.

dreaming and breathing said...

i thought of you when i found that tattoo. you should get it. or something like it. now that you are moving to portland you will need some fit in.