Thursday, October 30, 2008

workout day: two

surprised? i know, i didn't expect myself to stick with it either.

day two of work out:

exercise: walking/running
time: i would say around 40 min (no watch)
mood: i was with my amazing friend sarah (and her baby, sadie) and was totally distracted from the misery of activity. talking to a friend while working out really helps.

exercise: pushups/lunges/ dips/ squats
time: 20 mins or so
mood: felt the burn. i complained a lot. said things like "TEN more? are you kidding?" and "i think my left butt cheek is cramping".

i am sore. i am going to take a bath and an advil.

also...sarah tried to convince me that i need to eat lots of little meals...and that it is important to eat breakfast....and she tried to give me a protein drink.....

i don't think she believes that the "dana diet" is a healthy option. and even though she may be right, it doesn't change the facts. nothing works like starvation, swapping meals with alcohol or other liquids, and eating cookies for dinner.

proof is in the pudding, sarah. just wait and see. (i am totally expecting to eat these words in a couple weeks)



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