Wednesday, October 1, 2008

scary movie month begins!

you know when you watch a scary movie and a bad part is coming up and you cover your face and peek out through your fingers? that is how i am going to watch the debate tomorrow.

speaking of scary is October! which, as we all know is the official Scary Movie Month™!!! so here is what we have on the queue so far for this years SMM:

funny games
the reaping
30 days of night
prince of darkness
raw meat

also, we picked out Riley's Halloween costume already.....she is going to be a witch. i don't know if it can beat last years Tinkerbell....but i am happy she chose a witch over hannah montana.

other scary things:

  • there is a bowl in my fridge with a salad i made in July.
  • my favorite song right now is "sexy can I" by ray J
  • i have not had my hair colored since June. a creepy old guy a the post office said he liked the "shading" in my hair. i said it was called "grow out".
  • there is still a turtle in the guest room.
  • the size of the laundry pile that needs to be folded. (it is staring at me right now)
  • my limitless, unsatisfiable craving for chocolate

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