Wednesday, October 29, 2008

workout day: one

i decided to go running. it has been years. i think i went once three years ago. and before that it was at least 4 years.

i don't work out. i did yoga for awhile before the wedding. and then quickly gave it up.

but today is a new day. a day for change. why? you ask. because i am a lazy, chubby, self loathing, comfort food binging, pathetic, squishy, jiggly...pile of poop.

but...i am full of potential.

day one of new life changing workout schedule:

exercise: running / walking
time: 20 min
mood status: it was, by far, the most miserable experience of my life. my lungs burned. my legs hurt. i felt nauseous. i cursed the world. i did a lot of hacking and spitting. i walked half the time and gasped for air.

exercise: stretching/ yoga/ pushups
time: 10 minutes
mood: i did 10 push ups (yes, the girly kind) and wanted to fall on my face after number 8. i did the warrior pose and got distracted by my own pathetic reflection on the television. i can't touch my toes (not even close..think 6 inches). i did downward dog and my head felt like it filled with blood and i felt like my face was going to explode.

overall i would say this is a great beginning. wouldn't you? i can only improve.


sarah said...

i'm proud of you!
see? just starting is the hardest part. now you're past the mental part. appointment for a butt kicking tomorrow at 12!

dave said...

I don't know about this. Maybe you should sit down for awhile with a beer until the feeling passes.